Parental involvement

Parental involvement relates to parents’ association with the school and their manifest interest in all school-related matters. Involvement is mainly an attitude. This is not the same as “reaching parents”.

The partnership between the parent and the school on the one hand is founded on the parents’ active involvement in their child’s class and school. On the other hand the school also has to actively target the parents of its pupils. Parental involvement thus refers to a mutual relationship between parents and the school. 

Vision on parental involvement

View the vision on parental involvement of the Prevent local support group.


The importance of parental involvement at home (Eddie Denessen Radboud universiteit)Factsheet parental involvement (SARDES)

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Urbact - Prevent

Prevent is an URBACT II – project to which 9 European cities participate. Each city works out a local action to build with local partners a network that promotes the mutual involvement between the parents and school for dropout prevention. That is why we have joined forces with the schools, civil society, the town council, the education department and other parties in the local support group.

Urbact is a European exchange and learning programme that promotes durable urban development. It helps cities find durable solutions to urban problems and challenges of an environmental, social or economic nature. 


LOCAL action plan of the Prevent local support group

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